Mesoscale flow solver for biological and medical applications.

Mirheo [alexeev2020] is designed as a classical molecular dynamics code adapted for inclusion of large (consisting of thousands of particles) rigid bodies and cells. The main features of the code include:

  • fluids represented as free particles interacting with different pairwise potentials (i.e. DPD or Lennard-Jones),
  • static walls of arbitrary complexity and size,
  • rigid bodies with arbitrary shapes and sizes [amoudruz2021],
  • viscoelastic cell membranes [economides2021], that can separate inner from outer fluids

The multi-process GPU implementation enables very fast time-to-solution without compromising physical complexity and Python front-end ensures fast and easy simulation setup. Some benchmarks are listed in Benchmarks.

The following documentation is aimed at providing users a comprehensive simulation guide as well as exposing code internals for the developers wishing to contribute to the project.

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[economides2021]Economides, Athena, et al. “Hierarchical Bayesian Uncertainty Quantification for a Model of the Red Blood Cell.” Physical Review Applied 15.3 (2021): 034062.
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